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Thursday, April 28, 2011

News: BlenderNewbies Blender 2.5 Training DVDs (Final Update)

This is the final update for the training dvd. The next notice will be the official release, in about two weeks.

It turns out that the final product is now FOUR DVD-Rs! Originally, this was supposed to be two dvds, but I found it difficult to stay within that limitation. I tried, but ultimately decided it would be simpler to not fight it.

The original price for the two dvds was $35, but I will have to increase the price to $50 for the four dvds. However, this doesn't effect those that have pre-ordered the dvds. And, I think it's only fair to continue offering the training at the original $35 price for a two-week grace period for those that have been waiting for the official release to purchase.

So, if you're interested in purchasing the training dvds, you can still get them for $35 plus postage and handling (a steal) until May 13th! After May 13, 2011, the price will be $50 (plus postage and handling).

You can get more info about the training, here. This page is the original announcement and the graphics could use some updating, but I plan to get to that over the next two weeks.

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greg p said...

I want!

Anonymous said...

These tutorials are well thought out and executed. They are well worth the $50.00 price, I highly recommend them to anyone to enhance your Blender reference library.

Don S

greg p said...

Bought it!
I am eagerly awaiting the dvd's, what a massive achievement, thanks!

Jim B said...

Just ordered DVDs assume they will play OK in the UK

mayafx said...

is this tut useful?

Alexandre said...

Will you send the subtitles? Is digital download disponible?
I really want the dvd, and pay $50 if necessary, but i need the subtitles, my english is bad :(

Lizi said...

Looking forward to learning this blender, my friend use this but I am newbie.. thinks this will be useful .

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