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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

News: Blender 2.5 Animesh Addon Test

Simple test animating the vertices of a uvsphere. Some object Location and Rotation keys were added to the keyed vertices. This was a no-Hook and no-ShapeKey experience, and very fast to achieve!

Thanks to Daniel Salazar (aka ZanQdo) and Campbell Barton (aka ideasman42).

The python script can be found at:
BlenderArtists Forum Thread...

To test:

  • Use a recent build from
  • Go to the script link provided, and save the page as a python file. (In Firefox, File, Save As...)
  • In the Blender Addons panel, click Install Addon, and locate the python file.
  • The installed Addon will be under Animation. Enable it via the checkbox.

'location': 'Select a Mesh: Toolbar > AniMesh panel',
'description': 'Allows animation of mesh data (Verts, VCols, VGroups, UVs)',
'warning': 'Blender API has some bugs around this still',

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Matt Jordan said...

I don't see the Blender test, but how did you get your hands on that top secret Roswell footage?

Kernon Dillon said...

I'm not authorized to provide further details. However, you should expect a visitation from "someone" to provide full details...sometime tonight.

Nothing to see here folks, move along. Forget what you think you saw.

Liquida said...

Wow, I want it :)
Kernon, please, fix the URL to script (it's broken).

Kernon Dillon said...

Link updated, thanks!

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