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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Two Simple But Helpful Changes in Blender 2.5

Here are two helpful changes the Blender developers have made to Blender 2.5.

We can now remove presets for the Render Dimensions:

And, we can remove Cloth presets:

Also, the "File Exists" popup (you know the one that was easy to miss?) is no longer a part of the workflow. When saving a new file, if the typed filename matches an existing file in the same folder the filename field is tinted red. The tooltip for the field informs you of the meaning of the red tinting. If you save under these conditions, the existing file is simply overwritten.

Since I'm keeping a close watch for these types of changes, I'll be sure to do a quick post to let you know when interesting things develop.


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Anonymous said...

I really like the red tinted background if the file exists.

Do you know if they are ever going to add a warning to tell you that you are quitting without saving your work? In Windows it's so easy to do if you are closing a bunch of windows and Blender happens to be the next one behind all of them. If you click too much then poof, you close Blender and bye bye to your unsaved work! I've been burned by this so many times and the "recover last session" thing does not always see to work right. "I'm just sayin'" as they say...

- Kevin

Kernon Dillon said...

Yeah, I think it's an improvement. I would often miss seeing the "overwrite file" popup before moving my mouse, causing the popup to disappear.

For exiting Blender, I think it's preferred to keep dialogs like that from popping up. However, I think offering a preference would be a good thing. It's something that people have come to expect in applications. I predict that it will be implemented, eventually.

Sometimes I save my file before I even begin doing anything within the scene. Doing this causes Blender's Autosave feature to kick in. Then if you need to recover something you can go to File, Recover AutoSave.

The "Recover Last Session" feature opens a file called "quit.blend". This is a copy of the last file that was closed. But, I never rely upon it because if Blender crashes you're out of luck.

The Recover AutoSave feature has saved me many times!

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