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Friday, August 27, 2010

News: 2.5 DVD Update

I've been very busy working on the dvd contents and here are a couple more items that I want to highlight. (Note that the things I've highlighted only represent a small number out of the total number of tutorials on the dvd.)

Waving Flag (you can use your Country's flag, of course)

"Starcraft II"-inspired (Terran Banshee) spacecraft
(this will be animated and done with better textures)
Yes, I will TEACH you how to model something like this.

Temporary materials applied for better clarity

Back to my cave...

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Matt Jordan said...

Man, am I looking forward to this!

iKlsR said...

too awesome man! the renders are looking great!
u sure know how to tease :)

greg p said...

how much can u fit in one dvd?
The spaceship looks awesome, love it.

Tobey said...

Wow, this looks great. The shiny material really makes it stand out. The DVD will be great I'm sure.

Nixon said...

woah..that looks hot!!!
great idea to make one of these!

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