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Monday, July 26, 2010

News: Surface Effects in Early Dev Stages for Fluids, Particles, and Animated Objects

Miika Hämäläinen is in the very early stages of developing some exciting new features to enhance the realism of interactions with fluids, particles, and animated objects.

"WetMaps"* allow for fluids to leave surface effects on objects contacted:

"Mesh Paint"* allows you to "paint" a texture with other animated objects or particles:

*tentative feature names

However, this project is still in very early stage so there is no downloadable build or patch available anytime soon. All depends on how much time I have and if I manage to keep motivated. :)

Please visit the developer's website for more info and to show some support to help keep him motivated.

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blenderificus said...

wow, reminds me of FX in other 3D packages I wish were in blender, hopefully one day they will meet the trunk! Thank you for sharing the vids KD

teldredge said...

This is truly amazing

Jikz said...


greg p said...

pretty amazing!

Matt Jordan said...

Very cool. And they have to keep the name "wetmaps" - the humor potential is just too great to pass up.

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