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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Using a Lattice to Redesign your 3D Model

Here's a quick video to demonstrate how to easily redesign a 3D model by using a Lattice Modifier. Using a lattice will allow you to make significant changes to the shape of your model without sacrificing the integrity of the mesh topology. You can push, pull, stretch and twist your model with ease.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Start with a model loaded into Blender.
  • Add a Lattice object to the scene.
  • Position it to encompass your model (or part of your model).
  • Subdivide the lattice as needed using the U,V, and W parameters.
  • Parent your model to the lattice as a Lattice Deform.*
  • Manipulate the lattice object to reshape your model.
  • Apply those changes.
  • Delete the modifier.
and you're done!

*(An alternate way to attach the lattice to your model would be to select your model, add a Lattice Modifier, and type in the name of the lattice object in the "Ob" field.)

You can also use a Lattice Modifier during the modeling process to achieve a shape that would otherwise be difficult, and continue modeling your object afterwards.

Lattices can also be used for animation but, that's beyond the scope of this demonstration.

Definitely spend some time exploring the many benefits of Blender's Lattice Modifier. Also, be sure to check out a very similar tool called the MeshDeform Modifier (new in Blender v2.46). This serves the same purpose as a Lattice except that you're not limited to a basic grid-shaped cage. The MeshDeform Modifier allows you to use another mesh of any shape as the cage!

Watch the demo. UPDATE - Faster loading video!:
(MOV, Length - 2:49, Size - 11.5MB, Res. - 800 x 600, No Audio)
Download the zip file.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to save the demo movie, as it is a MOV file, but the link is just an HTML page, with no actual link to the .MOV file.

(unless I am missing something).

Kernon Dillon said...

You're right! It'll be fixed in about 3 minutes, thanks!

Artur Kaminski said...

Very good and useful demo. Sometimes too fast as for beginners and its only 'how', not 'why' (try to drag and move your mesh out from the box - surprising), but generally I found what I looked for.
Visible mouse pointer and clicks indicators are very helpful as well.

Many thanks.

Javayahtzee said...

I really like this tutorial.
thank you for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding the zip file. I always find these tutorials very helpful!

TFCDredd - lurking for over 1 year now.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dredd again,

OK, I have ask. How do you get the auto-rotate of the 2 models there at the end?

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll be posting a tutorial for that some day soon. However, if you join the BlenderNewbies Forums, you can get a preview of this tutorial in its raw format (no audio, no keystrokes). It can currently be found in the Tutorial Previews forum. Only forum members have access to tutorial previews.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kernon!

I'll look into it! In the meantime, I eagerly await this handy tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is great. Looks like a simple technique.

RadialRonnie said...

the link for "mesh deform" at the botton of the post is dead. Use these two:


Detailed instructional:

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


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