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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two New Rigged Characters for Blender created by FreakyDude

Have some fun with these two rigged characters for Blender that are easy to understand and use. If you're just getting started with animation, they're rigged well enough to get you going without all of the confusion that a more complicated rig might cause.

Blender 3D rigged characters

You can download the blend files for the characters and read the documentation for the rigging, here.

You can thank FreakyDude for these cool characters in his discussion thread.

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Anonymous said...

Hey michiel (als ik je zo mag noemen..)

ik heb een tijdje stage gelopen bij metaloterm
en toen heb je mij (Django Hooftman) een lijst met hotkeys voor blender gegeven,
helaas ben ik die kwijt geraakt dus vroeg ik me af of jij die mischien nog hebt,zo wel zou je die alstublieft naar ,
Cheers, Jedidjango

Keep Rocking Dude_|~|

Anonymous said...

hi! i really need some of them cause...i really dont have experience with sculpting XD!!!

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