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Sunday, March 18, 2007

News: Torrent Solution

Thanks for the responses and suggestions. I appreciate them.

Well, I've simmered down and managed to come to a quick and simple solution. I will remove the download links and replace them with torrent links of my own. Official BlenderNewbies torrents. I would appreciate that any torrent downloading consist of "official" torrents created by me. That way, you can be assured of not downloading any questionable "extra" content. I just really don't like my files being bundled with other files, some of which are pirated commercial videos. That's just not good company to be in. I have nothing against torrents, I just don't like some of the presumptions that tend to tag along with them.

It will take some time to get this setup because I have no idea how to create and upload a torrent so, I'm off to learn that. Plus, it will still take time to upload them. I'll start at the beginning and will only remove current download links when there is a torrent available to replace it.



Sergio said...

That's a nice idea, too bad I won't be able to download them (company firewall)... Well... If you need any help on torrents, drop by a note, and I can help you. Also, I would recommend for you to use Azureus, as it is a powerful client.

You do know that people can still get it from your site, even if you don't provide a download link, right?


Kernon Dillon said...

Yeah, I could use a little help. I've started a thread at blenderartists explaining what I've been able to do so far. If you could post any suggestions there, that would be great.


Unknown said...

Thanks for not scrapping the downloads from your site. I'm a Blender tutorial junkie and visit your site almost everyday. Keep up the good work.

jzonearcade said...

Your work is very inspirational and as a new blender user I really appreciate the way you present your tutorials. As far as taking your service to the next level, I would suggest you check out The gentleman who runs that site started it out as a 100% free podcast and then when he saw his following was big enough, he quit his day job and added a "premium membership" for $5 a month. You can still get the regular podcast for free, but now "premium members" have access to additional content.

Anyway I thought it may give you some ideas on how to proceed.

Thank you for helping the blender new comers and with the quality of your content you should have no problem getting support from your audience.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it would appear hardly anyone in the Blender community has any sense of community. I've been a hit and run victim to almost everyone i've seeded to, in fact every time I turn my computer on i'm the only seeded available.

If you do plan to use torrents your probably better having a torrent link and direct download.

A torrent would be good for something though one if the problems i've found (and probably no fault of your own your restricted to the limitations of this blogging service) is its hard to browse through all your tutorials, one of the major downfalls of this site I would have to say. A torrent with all your tutorials would be beneficial I would think especially for new visitors to the site.

The other option (which I think you should consider at some point) is moving away from this blogging service, its complete unsuitable imo for the type of site your trying to run.

On a more positive note, your tutorials are quite good, even if I don't particularly like the format there encoded in.(I cant rewind or fast forward)

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'm definitely headed away from the blogger setup. I do, however, like the blogging paradigm. It's just so much easier to add content to a site.

I know things are a bit unorganized, right now. I've implemented the Labels to help make things easier to find. Unfortunately, to be able to list the categories in a sidebar, I would have to move over to the "new" blogger. That means I would have to redo my entire template from the ground up. Ugh. I would rather spend that time migrating content to my .com site.

Note: You can play the SWF files in Media Player Classic on Windows. That way you can get the playback features you mentioned. There's probably something comparable for other platforms.

Anonymous said...

one word(ok 3 words shortened): CMS :) aka content managment system, tho im not sure what hosting you would use.. :/

piXelman said...

I tried several of the torrents last night, but there were no seeds... So they were useless. (There needs to be at least 1 seed before torrents can be downloaded. Usually, at the very least the host keeps a seed. Perhaps the host's client was down or something?)

Anyways, if I can get some of these tutorials downloaded through the torrent, I can help seed!

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