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Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome Blender Newbies!

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I look forward to bringing you all the info you need to enjoy the wonderful world of Blender 3D.

This site is focused solely on new users of the Blender 3D application. We will start at the beginning and progress to more challenging lessons however, all topics covered will be from a beginner's perspective.

There will be tips, tutorials, Blender files (.blend) to download, videos, games and puzzles; all geared toward your becoming a more capable user of Blender.


  • a complete installation of the latest version of Blender
  • a high-speed internet connection is best (most downloads will be kept to a minimal size but, there may be the occasional large file)
  • the courage and patience to make mistakes while learning new things
  • a love for 3D modeling and animation

I Hope You Enjoy It!

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Special Thanks to Ton and Company (you know who you are!), the makers of the Blender 3D application (

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