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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tutorial Mashup: Understanding Blend Modes

Here's a collection of tutorials (Photoshop and GIMP) that focuses on understanding the many different blend modes that are essential in texture painting and compositing.

This information is applicable to any graphics application that has layers and blend mode features.

Examples of blend modes in Blender

Understanding Photoshop Blending Modes

Photoshop Blendmodes Explained

Submitted by martinamca: Texture Blending in Blender

Explaining Blending Modes in Photoshop and GIMP (Multiply, Divide, Overlay, Screen)
How Blending Modes Work, Part Two. (Dodge, Burn, Soft Light, and Hard Light)
Layer Modes Part Three (Difference, Addition, Subtraction, Darken, Lighten)
GIMP and Photoshop Layer Modes, Part Four (Hue, Saturation, Color and Value)

Using Blend Modes in Photoshop - Part 1 Access the other parts via the links at the end of the tutorial.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for links!

Hey that blender theme looks awesome!
Is it available?

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks! Blender 2.5 doesn't have theme export, yet, but I can share my startup.blend file. I'll do it tomorrow, though, gotta get some rest.

martinamca said...

There is a good part related to blending modes in Yafaray Manual, worth reading. Check it out.

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks, that looks good! I'll add it to the post.

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