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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Current Blender Defaults and Theme

This is the current setup and theme that I'm using with Blender 2.54. Only the default screen layout is themed. I tend to theme things as needed, so it's just a start.

I like the increased contrast and, for me, it's much easier to scan through the properties to find what I need.

To check it out, simply load the bn254_startup.blend file. You can tweak the settings as desired, and then press Ctrl-U to make the setup your new defaults.

Download the blend file.

EDIT: Previous file was an older version. Replaced with latest version that matches the screenshot.

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Matt Jordan said...

For those of us buying the DVD, would it help us follow along if we adopt your set-up? I'm still new enough to Blender in general that I don't really have my own preferences yet.

Kernon Dillon said...

During the QuickStart section of the DVD, I always use the factory defaults so you see in the videos what you're seeing in your Blender.

Then, I cover my own defaults settings so you can understand how my setup may differ from yours, and also how to go about creating your own default settings. I also cover why I've made certain decisions for my default settings.

From that point on, I use my own default settings so I can be most comfortable during the tutorials. My startup.blend file is also on the DVD so you can get it there as well.

Deevad said...

Thanks for sharing, beautifull desaturated blue theme as I like.

Ivan Mariano said...

Hello!! Thanks for the theme!! I have a little question about do you make a file with your theme saved? I mean, i modified the colors to my taste i can set them as the default but i cant do a file like yours to avoid the fact of make the default colors change...i don't know if i have explained myself :P If i open your file, blender loads your theme...i made a .blend file with the colors changed but when i open it i get the default color theme...

Thanks for your tutorials!!

Kernon Dillon said...

You can make any blend file the default file that's loaded whenever you press Ctrl-N. Just press Ctrl-U and the current file (or state of Blender) will be saved as the startup.blend file. This file gets loaded whenever you press Ctrl-N.

Ivan Mariano said...

Hi! Thanks for your quick reply!! I think that i didn't explained myself :P (excuse me, i'm Spanish and my english is not polished :S ). I'll try with an example:

1. I install blender and the default color theme is all gray.
2. If i open the blend file that i downloaded from your post, automatically the color theme changes to your settings, right?
Well :)

Now i change the colors and save the file into a blend file, imagine that i want to share that color theme like you did.

Then i open the blend file that i have just created and i don't get my colors, i get the default gray color theme of blender.

I hope that i could explain myself this time, the resume question would be: how can i share my color theme :) I only have to change the colors and save that blend file?

Another little question about your theme, there is missing something that i think that is useful and i don't know how to re-activate it...If i add a circle, or a cylinder for example in the tool bar that we have at the left side (the one that appears with T ) doesn't appears the sub-options that allows me to change the number of vertices, the rings or the segments (for the uv sphere) i know that the F6 key opens a float menu but i liked to have it at the left side in the tool bar :P

Thanks again!!

Kernon Dillon said...

Blender, currently, can't save theme settings independent of your default settings. So, if you want to retain any theme changes made, you'll need to press Ctrl-U to save the current scene as your new default scene.

I keep a library of different files that I use for default settings. I simply load them and press Ctrl-U. This allows me to be more flexible with the themes and settings. But, I always keep a backup of my startup.blend file since that's the file that gets overwritten whenever you press Ctrl-U.

The startup.blend file is in a subfolder called "config". If you're on Windows, and used the install app for Blender, it might be in the "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.55\config" folder.

Actually, I'm not sure why Blender assumes the theme of the file that's available in the post. Maybe the startup.blend files are a little bit different from a regular blend file. The file I provide in the post is a renamed startup.blend file that was created by pressing CtrlU.

The Operator panel (in the Tools panel) can be removed by dragging its splitter all the way down or up. You can bring it back by clicking the plus-sign icon in the lower right corner of the 3d view. I just find it cumbersome to have to keep adjusting its size or scrolling to access the controls, so I tend to hide it and use F6.

Ivan Mariano said...

Hi again!! Thanks for your help!! With this last explanation i finally could manage the themes :)

I saw the little plus sign in the corner and get back the operator panel :)

Thanks again for your help and for your tutorials, i am using blender for 5-6 months and i learned a lot with you!!

See you!!

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