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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lightwave to Blender Keystroke Translator

Here's another little keystroke tool I created to help those more familiar with Lightwave. This tool will help you adjust to the keystroke differences between Lightwave and Blender.

I wouldn't call this a completed tool because, it currently only covers the basic keystrokes of Lightwave's Modeler. Over time, I will update this to include more Modeler keystrokes as well as the Layout and Graph Editor. If you see any errors or glaring omissions, please let me know (include the keystroke, context of usage, and a strong description of its function). This was particularly tough because I don't know Lightwave at all (I downloaded their Discovery Edition) and there were many terminology and function issues to wade through. But, it should be easy to maintain the tool now that I've gotten this far.


Lightwave to Blender Keystroke Translator

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Anonymous said...

swell kernon, just swell...too bad i left lightwave lightyears ago...

Kernon Dillon said...

hah! That's funny. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks Kernon , I've added this to my bookmark pages.

I would like to see more keystrokes.

thanks again

Anonymous said...

I am an intermediate/advanced Blender user and I am trying to learn Lightwave. (no, I'm not a traitor, I just want to broaden my experience;-) Can you or someone else bake a blender theme with all the keystrokes from lightwave mapped to the blender tools so that I could learn lightwave in a more familiar setting?


Anonymous said...

I am seasoned LW user (since v. 5.5!) and I am just now learning blender.

I LOVE IT! I am simply amazed at this app! Best part is the stability and responsiveness of UI. I thought I could work fast in LW, but this is better.
Now to see how much better the animation and armature setup might be...hmmm...


_Pixel said...

Thanks, this is awesome, I'm also a lightwave user trying to get into blender,

by the way, yesterday I just started a new project on lightwave and I would like people to comment on it, maybe you could tell me what Im doing wrong or how to make something in an easier way.

thanks in advance.

Kernon Dillon said...


I'm not a Lightwave user so, I doubt if I can really be of any help. I took a look at your model and it looks to be coming along nicely!

Keep it up.

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