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Friday, October 01, 2010

News: Status of the BlenderNewbies Blender 2.5 Training DVD's

I expect the DVD (actually it's 2 DVD's) to be completed by the end of the month (October). It's been a long and bumpy road, but I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

The interesting thing is that there will be far more tutorials on the DVD's than there are on the blogsite (and that took me four years to accumulate!).

If you're interested in purchasing the DVD's, be sure to take advantage of the pre-order discount.

Thanks for your patience!


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iKlsR said...

awesome man... thanks alot... i intend to get my copy without the discount... u deserve it!

comeinandburn said...

I can't wait!

I'm sure it's going to be great. I much prefer that you took your time on this than just rush to get it out.

thanks Kernon!

Anonymous said...

def gonna purchase, when its done.

greg p said...

Me three!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I have already purchased it. And I can wait patiently.

Anonymous said...

You could make it a dual layer DVD instead of 2 DVDs to save yourself a DVD. The "Creature Factory" DVD from the Blender Foundation is dual layer and Ive not heard of people having troubles with it. Perhaps some people would not be able to read dual layer DVDs? Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

I agree with "comeinandburn",

Take your time...


Kernon Dillon said...

I appreciate the patience! :)

The problem with the dual layer dvd is that I can't get them with the printable quality that I prefer. I'm also concerned about the time it takes to burn them. They tend to burn slower than single layer dvd's. And, I always do a "verify" pass during the burn process to make sure nothing is corrupted. It's extremely rare, but if a single layer disc doesn't verify it's easy to just toss that disc and have to re-burn just one. With the dual layer, I would have to re-burn the equivalent of two discs.

Thanks for idea, though! I hadn't thought about it, so I did some research after you mentioned it and came to the conclusions above.

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