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Saturday, October 16, 2010

2.5 Tip: Setup the 3D Manipulator to allow Single Click Interaction

In Blender 2.5, the default interaction of the 3d Manipulator requires you to drag the controls with the left mouse button. The transformation is confirmed when you release the mouse button.

We can change this by adjusting the keymapping for the 3d Manipulator.

Start by creating a new scene using Ctrl-N, or selecting New in the File menu.

Load the User Preferences dialog by pressing Ctrl-Alt-U, or selecting User Preferences... in the File menu.

Locate the Input tab.

Locate the 3D Manipulator keymap setup within the 3D View section.

Click the Edit button for the 3D View section to enable editing of the keymaps.

Locate the Confirm on Release option and set it to be Unchecked.

Go to the 3d View and test the manipulator's interaction. Now, you can simply left-click the controls to engage them and left-click again to confirm the transformation.

If you like this type of interaction, save the settings as the default. (Remember that you'll be saving the current scene as the new default scene. You can restore the default cube to its original state by undoing everything. Or, you can press Alt-G, Alt-R, and Alt-S to clear the Translate, Rotation, and Scale transformations, respectively.)

That's it!

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