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Monday, August 16, 2010

News: New Tutorial for 2.5 DVD ("yardwork")

Lots of topics covered in this one.

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greg p said...

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like a real photo. Excellent!

vfx'n'3d (Riko) said...


Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks! I wasn't planning to have this on the DVD, but I guess this extended development cycle of Blender provides some benefits. I think the tree branch shadow could be softened a tiny bit, though (some other minor tweaks, too). But, at some point you have to call it done!

Matt Jordan said...


PixelFractor said...

when can we get our fat little fingers on this awesome, Blender goodness? Any time line on the DVD release?

jmi said...

always interesting subjects for your cg images..
I'm already ready to learn... with enthusiasm your DVD content
how much time you spent on on blender by day?

Ricardo said...

Hi Kernon, i´m sort of a begginer/intermediate blender user, i do it as a hobby, but i just love it.You have great tutorials and i´m really interested in the DVD, i suppose this might be a stupid question, but do you ship it to everywhere?If so, i´m looking forward to it, i hope it comes out soon.I was drooling just looking at that render eheheh

Kernon Dillon said...

The BF is planning another Beta release within two weeks. I expect that release to be solid and stable enough for them to declare it "documentation ready". At that point, I'll review everything for accuracy and start pushing everything to completion. That's about as close to a release date that I can provide. It's a mountain of work, but the bulk of it is pretty much done (in an on-hold state).

Thanks! On average I would say I spend about 3 to 4 hours. Of course, there are some days where I might spend as much as 12 to 18 hours. However, quite a bit of time is spent on cg-related studies outside of Blender. I cover that issue on the DVD in a tutorial about learning and studying cg.

Thanks! Yeah, I can ship anywhere. Well, at least I've shipped the first DVD to quite a variety of places around the world with no problems. So, my experience is that it's not a problem at all.

iKlsR said...

waaay cool Kernon... i can't wait for the DVD, ur one of the best artists who actually deliver quality tutorials... so keep up the awesome work and god speed on the DVD! :)

Tobey said...

Excellent. Very well chosen scene. Can't wait.

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