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Thursday, August 12, 2010

News: More 2.5 DVD Contents Update

Time for another update of the DVD's contents! BTW, there are plenty of videos that fall into the "reference video" category, the things being posted are more project-oriented subjects.

Basic modeling exercises

Leaf Texturing

Building a Farmville-styled Cartoon Scene

The level of detail is really geared for more distant overhead viewing, but it's still tolerable when viewed closer.


  • Guidelines for Learning 3D Graphics and Animation
  • A More Efficient Way to Render Solid Wireframes

More updates soon...

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anonymous said...

Looks great man, I just bought my copy, better late than never.

Kernon Dillon said...


Matt Jordan said...

Okay, I searched between the couch cushions and scrounged up cash enough to order the DVD. I'll be the guy out waiting by the mailbox. :D

Kernon Dillon said...

Cool, thanks man!

KWebb said...

What, no animated Microsoft clippy tutorial to go with the paperclip? :)

Video materials looking good!

webfola said...

Looks very promising! I just pre-ordered one... Can you already make an estimate when the DVD will hit shelves (mailboxes)?

Cheers from Germany,

Kernon Dillon said...


If people didn't hate that animated paper clip so much I might consider it, LOL!

Thanks! The best estimate I can provide is that when Blender achieves the label of "documentation ready" (meaning an overall stable environment and unlikely major interface changes), I'll be able to review the current materials and bring to completion projects that are currently on hold. My hope is that it will be sooner than later.

webfola said...

@Kernon: Thanks for the response. Will it be this year? ;)

Anonymous said...

I went into preorder, but it was forcing me to enter a shipping country (Ireland). will it be possible to d/l the dvd once releasd or do you have to ship it to ireland if I want a copy?

Thank you

Stewart Bourke

Kernon Dillon said...

Yeah, you'll have to provide the info so the shipping can be calculated. I'm only able to ship the dvd since it will be quite a lot to provide as a download.


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