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Friday, October 30, 2009

News: Monthly Challenges in the BlenderNewbies Forums

The members of the BlenderNewbies Forums have been conducting several different challenges over the past few months. It's a great way for participants to have creative fun and challenge their current abilities with Blender. The challenges are always friendly because it's not about the competition, it's about participating in a fun way to help strengthen your Blender skills. So, no worries about being "good enough".

I'll be posting news about these challenges in the future, so come on in and have some fun!

The winner of the previous challenge decides what the next challenge will be. The last challenge ended with a tie, so they decided who would come up with the next challenge idea. The current challenge is a Monthly Challenge called "Self-Portraits" :

Challenge Idea:
I thought it'd be interesting to see how each of the members that participate on these challenges look.

It doesnt have to be a photo-realistic and accurate render, it's open to your interpretation.

So you could model yourself as an animal, as a tree, as a jedi, or whatever you think that represents yourself, having, of course, some sort of similarity to your look.

...Good luck and I hope to see a lot of entries!

This challenge is set to end on November 29th. Check it out...

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