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Monday, December 01, 2008

QuickTip: An Easy Way to Remember the Colors for the 3D Axis Lines in Blender

Admittedly, this is trivial, but it's the type of tip that can make life a little bit easier for the beginner trying to get up to speed in the world of 3D graphics.

The issue is how to determine your orientation within the 3d view while you're working on your scene. There's a 3d mini-axis icon located in the lower left corner of the 3d view, and the background grid has colored axis lines to help you understand the current orientation of the 3d view.

However, what if you keep forgetting the color associated with each axis? (It would be good if you didn't have to keep referring to the mini-axis icon.)

A simple solution:

The colors used are Red, Green, and Blue. Now, being involved in graphics, you quickly recognize that as the same order of the common abbreviation RGB.

The order of the axis letters are alphabetical, XYZ.

So, simply take those two easily remembered patterns and connect them.

(R)ed is the color for the X-axis.
(G)reen is the color for the Y-axis.
(B)lue is the color for the Z-axis.

That's it, no more disorientation! Hopefully, it will be of some use.

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Unknown said...

Hehehe! Great reminder. ^_^

bill g. said...

Thanks! So simple, yet so subtle! :)

Dudy said...

Hey, I prefer for this to be a place that's open to small little tidbits... just as much as it's fun to get a nice long, in-depth read too.


Gaurav M said...

nice ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, cos I've always been referring to the mini-axis icon anytime I need to know which axis is which.

Jaime Dodino said...

Nice hint.
Now I would like not to be color-blind!

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