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Sunday, December 14, 2008

News: Share Your Ideas and Opinions with the Blender Developers

There's a very cool website, called Blenderstorm, that allows you to share your ideas and participate in polls concerning Blender.

About Blenderstorm

Blenderstorm is a place where people can leave their feature requests. Blenderstorm is also for developers to check what users want.

The idea for Blenderstorm was conceived by Pildanovak. The site has been created and is maintained by jesterKing (Blender developer, Big Buck Bunny, Elephants Dream) and hosted by

Blenderstorm is based on Ubuntu Brainstorm, but has been adapted and modified in some places. We try to keep in sync with the project, but we also develop our own features.
Previously, the site was plagued by a very slow server making it difficult to really enjoy what the site offers. However, they've upgraded to a better server and interaction with the site is much better.

jesterKing writes:
I finally have the Blenderstorm database on a MUCH better server than it used to be. The service is again actually usable, and makes it for me also much easier to maintain...

It's a great site that's fun and easy to participate in helping the developers know what you think and need.

Check it out: Blenderstorm

You may also help keep Blenderstorm alive by making a small donation to help cover their increased server costs.

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Awesome! =D

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