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Monday, May 19, 2008

Animating Perpetual Object Rotations in Blender

With this quick tutorial, you'll learn how to rotate a 3D object so that the rotation continues throughout the entire length of your animated scene. This is very helpful for things like rotating planets, propellers, wheels, windmills, etc.

We'll be using Blender's IPO Curve Editor for this technique and you'll also learn some very important fundamentals for understanding how to interpret curves within the IPO Editor.

This tutorial is compatible with Blender 2.44 and up.


Animating Perpetual Object Rotations in Blender

Watch the tutorial online
(SWF streaming, Length - 8:11, Resolution - 800 x 600, VoiceOver - Yes)
Or, Download the 39.4MB ZIP file to view it offline (load the HTML file in your browser).

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Anonymous said...


this comment is a bit off topic but I have a question regarding your choice of encoding:
you could get better results (better picture quality while having 2MB per minute instead of 5 if you would choose h.264 encoding (i.e. using free MediaCoder program).
Is there a reason why you use SWF?
I heard there is a fee for h.264 content distribution, is this the reason?

best regards,
Great Tutorials! Keep em coming!

(I am especially looking forward to the snow tutorial!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kernon, you are the best.

I can't wait for the snow tutorial !

Anonymous said...

You made that look so easy!

I've been dodging animation for too long, reading through some tutorials made it sound complicated. They were too wordy or tried to explain more than a beginner really needs to know. Thanks for this lesson!


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