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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quick Tip: Naming Objects and Materials

It's always a good practice to give your objects and materials a name. Keep the names short and descriptive. Also, to be consistent, establish a naming convention and stick with it.

For example, an object could be named "wall_Front". Or, a material could be called "armor_Rusted".

In the recent Camera Control tutorial, if I had named the Empty used to aim the Camera, I would have called it "cam_target".

Here's where you can go to name an object:

(located in the Editing buttons window)

Here's where you can go to name a material:

(located in the Shading buttons window, on the Material buttons tab)

Basically, any field with "MA:" can be used to change the current material's name. Any field with "OB:" can be used to change the current object's name.

Note: Sometimes, you have to reselect an object to see its name updated in the 3D View.

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Anonymous said...

What is differenece between an Object and a Mesh? I mean: should I give a name to the ME: field or not? And where is that good for?

Kind regards, Bertus Bolknak

Kernon Dillon said...

It's best to think of them in terms of data. An Object is a "container" that can hold Mesh data. Normally, you won't need to worry about giving the Mesh data a specific name.

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