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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

GIF Video: Uniform Distribution of Vertices (or Meshes) along a Path

Here's a quick tutorial about how to get uniformly distributed vertices (or meshes) along a curve. You can control the density of the vertices and also make adjustments to the curve that are instantly reflected in the vertices. Also, this technique can be used for any object you create...fence posts, telephone poles, trees, etc.!

(Update: For those having issues with the pacing, I extracted the captions text and they're now listed on the page, beside the video.)

Click on the image to check it out:

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Joc said...


really finding these tutorials useful.

However.. the video tutorial for this is really hard to follow without a pause option. Stop takes me back to the start and I can't for the life of me remember every step.

Kernon Dillon said...

I agree, the timing is bad on this one. I'm probably going to do it over. I'm also looking for a way to pause the gif animation. I searched high and low for the start/stop trick.

It's all a work in progress, glad you find it useful.

Rebellis said...

Very nice, guy :) Would you give us a video or printable version of this tutorial? I looking forward for this!


Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks! There should be two buttons on the page (Play, Stop). You will need to have Javascript enabled in your browser to see the buttons.

Is that what you mean by "video" or, are you asking about a regular video format with audio?

Rebellis said...

Hi, Kernon Dillon

I mean a regular video format with audio or subtitles. A pdf file with all screens would be great as well. I have java script enabled in my browser but sometimes it's not so easy to follow all screens. Anyway, I found your tutorial very useful :)


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