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Saturday, September 02, 2006

PDF: More Neon Effects!

Here's another tutorial for more neon effects!

This time I focus on applying a neon effect to letters. You'll be surprised by the almost unlimited number of effects that can be created from just a handful of parameters. And, it's easy!

Download the PDF here.

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Satish Goda said...

Ver nice tutorial. Keep them coming.

istvan kiraly said...

very nice and easy to follow tuts here at blendernewbies. Awesome site!!!! Thanx a lot!!!!

istvan kiraly said...

Very good and easy to follow tuts. Awesome site, thx a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

there's actually an easier way to get the correct mesh from a text object. Create and write the text, the Alt-C to convert to curve first, then in the curve properties, set the curve to be "3D". Then convert to mesh, and you will have only the outline, without the mesh in the middle.

Anonymous said...

LoL wow,
i thought that last tut was so interesting
it loaded in my browzer.. at first..i was
a bit annoyed that i was having trouble scroling
slow.. eventually realizing that's good for
how it is made for.. so scrollin a hair on my
mouse wheel knocks me down a page..
But really seemed cool when u went through the
different examples.. then it was like animation (almost).. but u could stop at any time and
examine the settings.. so.. i think this is
breakthrough tutorial type (imo).. for dense people that means (in my opinion)
well this looks like a older site generally, so
hope this gets read

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