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Thursday, August 31, 2006

HTML Tutorial: Neon Effect in Blender

Here's a quick newbie-friendly tutorial showing how to create a nice neon sign effect.

Download the .blend file (only contains the martini glass portion).

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gersonm said...

Very basic tutorial, but it's great ! !

Anonymous said...

hm about the "Creating this vertex density can be a tedious process."-thing...

I tried a straight subdivied line with an curve modifier and it seems to work.

1. Create the curve you want
2. Create a straight line with the same length, the halo material and enough vertexes to look smooth. (You can adjust the length later)
3. add a Curve modifier to the line
4. enjoy the saved hour

I am quite sure it should be even easier with the array modifer and 'fit to curve length'-option, but I didn't got it working

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