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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Resource: Incredible Design and Composition Lessons from Feng Zhu

The Feng Zhu Design School provides valuable video lessons on composition, color design, lighting, digital painting techniques, and more. These lessons are packed with extremely insightful information that's very relevant to what we do in Blender.

The lessons are free and given by Feng Zhu, himself! Feng Zhu is one of the most in-demand concept artists in the game and feature film industry.

Here's the first "episode". I recommend going through them in order because some of the content is progressive.

Here's a link to their YouTube channel to see all of the videos...

The information in these videos, if studied and applied, will greatly improve the final results you get in your 3d graphics work. A lot of important issues are addressed in these videos that are rarely adequately covered in a "3d" tutorial.

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Greg p said...

Thanks so much Kernon,

Dalai Felinto said...

Thanks a lot for the links. I love his works and was totally unaware of this material.

So far I went through episodes 1 to 4 and WOW. I'll pass the links along.

Satish Goda said...

Nice. thanks for sharing.. :-)

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