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Thursday, March 31, 2011

News: Blender 2.57 Quick Effect Operators Demo


Quick effects operators:

* A couple of operators to quickly create effects that would otherwise take some time to set up.
* Nice to use for demoing functionality or as a starting point for more complex effects.
* "Make Fur" - Gives every selected mesh object particle fur with a desired density and length.
* "Make Smoke" - Makes each selected object a smoke emitter and creates a new domain object around the emitters with the correct material to render the smoke. ** Has style options for "stream": constant smoke flow, "puff": only create smoke once from the volume of the emitter object, "fire": enable high resolution smoke and set a secondary fire color texture for the domain object.
* "Make Fluid" - Makes every selected object a fluid object (normal/inflow) and has the option to start fluid baking immediately.
* This should provide a nice base for extending these / adding more operators for different effects.

More info at the Blender Developer Blog...

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY man it was so frustrating to render a smoke sim. I thought for like 1 year now, why can´t anyone make something like this?!


3sie3wiel said...

Wow I have to agree. I work with commercial 3D software, and the strength of the software lies in the amount of automation that is already available to the user... these operators will do just that much more for blender. Somehow this needs to be integrated inside of the user interface for new users!

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