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Monday, January 24, 2011

Blender 2.5 QuickTips #1

Zooming the Backdrop image in the Nodes Editor

Original size

Zoom Out the Backdrop with the V-key

Zoom In the Backdrop with Alt-V

Drag-Drop features

Drag-Drop materials using the Browse Material icon

Other areas that support drag-drop:

  • An image from your desktop or folder onto the 3D View to add it as a background image
  • An image from your desktop or folder onto the UV/Image Editor
  • A .blend file to load it into Blender
  • probably some others, so experiment!

Repeat functions

  • You can repeat the last action by pressing Shift-R.
  • You can display a menu for previous actions performed (History) by pressing F3. Selecting an item in the popup menu will repeat the action. You can then use Shift-R to continue repeating the item selected from the menu.
  • Note: Currenetly, pressing Ctrl-Z to undo causes the History stack to be cleared! This is a documented bug.
Repeat buttons can be found in the Toolbar panel of the 3D View.

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Jikz said...

Also, Alt+MMB in the noodles editor to pan the background image!!

Thank you for the quickies!

Macro Man Jr. said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks !

artandlogic said...

I like that Shift-R command! I didn't know 2.5 had that, reminds me of hitting Cmd-D in Illustrator or "." in Vi :-)


Nikita said...

I new this!
Great feature

Unknown said...

Well, I like the idea of shit+R to repeat. I usually use it to merge 2 vertexes together, but sometimes this feature sucks and repeats the selection of the second vertex which doesn't make any sense (I guess the feature just breaks in certain patches/revisions).

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

thanks ;)

Lawrence D’Oliveiro said...

Thanks for the tips, I have added them to the Blender 3D Hotkeys WikiBook

By the way, those Node Editor hotkeys only apply to compositing nodes.

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