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Saturday, November 20, 2010

News: Demo of RotoBezier Addon in Blender 2.5

This is a very interesting development for visual effects in Blender. It's an addon for roto masking that's available in the latest SVN builds. It's so simple you really don't need a tutorial for it. The demo video below demonstrates it quite well.

Check the latest builds at for builds that include this feature.

ZanQdo says:

Showing of a quick roto mask right inside Blender with my new RotoBezier addon. Thanks to Campbell Barton for all the API features and fixes needed for this :)

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Whimsy Collective said...

This was something I've been waiting for in Blender. I mean, I know that we can do this without the addon but still this is even better! Thanks for the news!

Unknown said...

This can be used to making 2D animations in 3D space... Before we had to use a billion hooks... :D
Very nice...

Unknown said...

This is absolutely fanastic!

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