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Friday, November 12, 2010

News: BlenderArt Mag Issue #30 is Available

Stories are easier to tell in animation form than in just a single image. But even though they are easier to tell, they require an enormous amount of work, planning and dedication on the part of the storyteller. In Issue 30 we take a look at some techniques and tips to tell great stories.

So grab your copy today.
Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:

* 7 Elements of Digital Storytelling
* Does Your Character Have Any Feelings
* The Parent Inverse and the Origin of Children
* Rule of Thirds
* The Importance Of Body Language

And Lot More…

Click the magazine to view it full screen.

You can find download links for the PDF at the BlenderArt website...

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