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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Timelapse: Modeling of a Perfume Bottle

This is a pretty old (at least 2 years old) timelapse that I stumbled upon while cleaning up some files. I thought I would share it instead of just junking it. Maybe it will enlighten someone.

There's no audio, so you can provide your own music if desired.

I just modeled the main form of the bottle.

Watch the video tutorial...

Here's the reference image:


greg p said...

Thanks Kernon,
makes u just want to model it straight away, i downloaded the ref image so i can "walk the walk", thanks, i am really liking these shape modelling series, i have been learning texturing lately(gimp basics and techniques), now i need to go back to the start and learn modelling again!

Kernon Dillon said...

Well, I'm glad someone found it useful!

greg p said...

Maybe u could show how to use the shrinkwrap modifier to get that outer lattice style pattern on the bottle? Then the texturing/shading/materials? But that may be breaking away from the theme of modelling/shape exercises?
Just my 5 cents worth, thanks.

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