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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shape Modeling Exercise Series - #3 (Fenestron Tail Rotor Blade)

In this shape modeling exercise we take a look at modeling a Fenestron Tail Rotor Blade.

The point of these videos is not to model a complete object but to rather focus on different shapes and issues that you may encounter while modeling. So, essentially, these are exercises.

Hopefully, these videos will help you better understand how to approach modeling certain shapes, and what tools are available in Blender to make things easier.

Download the blend file and reference image.

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Anonymous said...

That was great Kernon, I'd never tried using that mesh hide option before.

Thanks very much!


DaveC said...

Nice to see tutorials that explain the why and not just the how. That bit at the end with the misplaced vertex was due to a 2.5 bug where selecting vertices with backface occlusion on is a bit erratic. You selected the wrong vertex earlier before scaling them out of that nice slope.

giant551 said...

Another nice tut Kernon! I enjoyed it. I've built a eurocopter ec135 in xsi a little while ago and would like to do the same in blender some day!

thanks again


Anonymous said...

Great tutorials, love the "why" instead of "how" I did it.
I learn more from your tuts than others.

Rob said...

Thanks a lot, great help!

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you all find the info helpful!

These types of "exercises" definitely allow for more detailed explanations because of the limited scope. If this were part of a helicopter modeling tutorial, I would never be able to provide this level of detailed explanation. This section would probably only take about 2 minutes!

comeinandburn said...

Very informative as always.

thanks Kernon!

ahmed teleb said...

great work thank you

jerpod said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. It's refreshing to see someone explain the logic of how to go from a circular shape to a rectangular shape and maintain good topology. Kudos, man!

James Cameron said...

I learn so much from your simple tutorials. Thank you for the awesome contribution!

Kernon Dillon said...


Great movie! :)

Nixon said...

great series it:)
gave me the idea that this shape could also be some start for some cool design speakers for interior renderings...some creases here and there some detail on the front and base and its there:)
inspirational and awesome as always. Much appreciation and regards Kernon!!

Unknown said...

How would I enable the sub-surf modifier effects on the mesh cage in 2.49? Thanks. Great tutorials, I'm brand new at this and I learn more from your videos than I have from reading entire books! It's so wonderful that someone is explaining the meta-level of poly design and not just how to use one piece of software. Do you have any books that you could recommend that do this also?

Kernon Dillon said...

It's the same in 2.49, but the icons are different. Here's a wiki page that should help:

Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any books that explain poly-modeling. I've never really looked so there could be some out there.

Alex said...

Much thanks, Kernon! I'm just getting started learning Blender and this video was extremely helpful and satisfying.

martinamca said...

Topology of the mesh is so neat, helps a lot to grasp the issue.

Efren said...

Thanks! My english is not very good but I understand you very well. I find your tutorial much more pedagogical than any other I've found on the web.

Anonymous said...


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