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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Video: Adding Transitions to Camera Changes in an Animation

In this Blender tutorial, we'll take a look at how to add simple transitions to camera changes in an animation. This will be accomplished using Blender's Video Sequence Editor.

This tutorial is an extension to the Camera Changing tutorial.

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Anonymous said...

awesome! you make it seem so simple! thank you so much.

SEspider said...

Thanks TONS! This is incredibly helpful.

Unknown said...

This is a very forthright tutorial. I am sure i am missing something though. Using a very simple 100 frame sequence with 3 cameras, when i render the sequence to a avi or .mov, the transitions are rendered, but not the camera change, yet, if i play the sequence in the editor, it previews correctly.

So, i am sure there is some switch in configurations i am missing. Any ideas?


Kernon Dillon said...

Can you see the camera changes in the 3d view? If not, maybe the script has somehow become unlinked. Check the status in the Script buttons window.

Unknown said...

Hello Mr. Dillon,

Thanks for the response, and i double checked, yes, the transitions show in both the 3D port and the Sequence preview, just not in the final sequence render.

Btw, i am using 2.49b. I tried the same file on both an Intel Mac and a Win XP system, and oddly, the failure is only on Windows. I will need to do some debugging to see what might be contributing to this phenominon.

Thanks again for your great tuturials, and your willingness to engage.


Kernon Dillon said...

Hmm, that is strange. It could be a bug in that Blender version. Try loading the file in 2.49 or 2.49a. You can download them from here:

Download the zipped version (not the installer version) and unzip it to a different folder. You can copy your .b.blend file (in the .blender subfolder) from your current install to the same subfolder of the new installs. This will bring in all of your customizations into the new installs (theme, layouts, etc.)

Nixon said...

This is awesome. The tutorials on the sequence editor are just what a true blendernewbie like me is very eager to find learn about.
Much appreciation and regards from Berlin.

Anonymous said...

hey josh try this go into animation settings. ( f10) then select do sequence. its right under the animate tab im sure thaT WILL work

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks, I can't believe I didn't think of that!

Unknown said...

Hello all,

Thanks for all the suggestions. Here is a bit of an update, my suspicion being that i need to try a different rev on the Windows machine.

If i use "do Sequence" for the render, AND, there are no transitions or FX, just the scene, the render follows the camera changes. On the other hand, if i add any other layer, for instance, the color generator, the render, again using "do sequence", will render out the FX, but the camera change is ignorned.

I am going to try this on the download of 2.49 and report the results.

your willing helpfulness is appreciated.

Unknown said...

Hello again,

So, a few results, and now i am wondering if there is some basic sequence editing process i have missed. Regardless of which version of 2.49 used, and regardless of Mac or Win platform, if i add an FX layer, specifically the color generator just like the in the tutorial, and i select the "do sequence" to render, the render does not pickup the camera changes, though they do present in the preview, but the FX is rendered.

So, for instance, if the first camera is looking from right, and at frame 50 changes to a left side camera, the transition happens, till i add a second sequence layer for a brief black transition spanning over the frames 45-55. But the render will show that black transition.

So, perhaps i am missing something significant in the sequencer. Though i have used many other sequencer products, i haven't used the Blender sequencer to any great extent.


Kernon Dillon said...

Try this:
- For each strip that you created a proxy, select it and disable the proxy.
- Before rendering, make sure that the camera change script is still linked to FrameChange.

It should render with the camera changes and transitions.

Unknown said...

Hello Mr.Dillon,
That was a great suggestion, but alas, the results are always the same.

I have always found your tutorials most helpful, some of the best around. But i also know you are not doing this to become a free "helpdesk" for Blender, i know, i work for a corporate IT group.

In that this is working on yours and other systems, i have to assume there is something amiss somewhere with mine, either some combination of OS and patches, version of Python, though i know nothing barks back with 2.6.2 (WinOS).

So, i will start the task of doing a little deconstruction to see what is the cause. If this were something inherent in the 2.49 series builds, it would be all over the Blender community.

Thanks for all your help. Once i figure out the stumbling block, i will report back.

Thanks again for all the help.

Unknown said...

Hello again, just a brief report.

Because i have been unable to identify why this process isn't working, i tried a different approach. Created a 2nd scene that is from a different camera view. No "Camera Change" scripts involved. Scene 1 has on camera view, Scene 2 has a different camera view.

Went into Sequence, added Scene 1, cut at frame 50, removed the later half. Added Scene 2, cut at frame 50 and removed the front half. Seemed like one way to get a camera change rendered.

Set the render to "do sequence", rendered the 100 frames. And only the material in Scene 1 is played back.

SO, i am actually wondering if i should uninstall this version of 2.48b Blender and reinstall, perhaps i have a bad build.

Does this sound at all plausible?


Kernon Dillon said...

Yeah, something's not quite right. I think it would be better to start a discussion thread in the BlenderNewbies Forums. Then, you can post some screenshots of your setup and results.

Tobey said...

I've never tampered with the Sequencer yet but this nice video tempted me to do so.. very interesting how many effects are achievable from within Blender. Thanks Kernon.

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