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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tip: How to set bookmarks in Blender for your favorite project folders

When opening a file in Blender, you often have to navigate to the desired project folder over and over again every time you start a new Blender session. And, it gets to be a bit irritating after a while. In Blender 2.5, this irritation will be soothed with new bookmarking features in the file browser. Unfortunately, Blender 2.5 is quite a ways away so how do we be more efficient?

This question was recently asked in the BlenderNewbies Forums and forum member, "radialronnie", provided a great workaround that will allow you to bookmark your favorite folders within Blender and have them always available!

Check it out.

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2D Animation India said...

very informative post for new comers to animation industry.

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