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Friday, August 01, 2008

Young Scandinavian Game Developers go Open Source!

High school students from all over Denmark are currently gathered at the University of Aalborg to develop computer games. Approximately 50 young men and women are using a part of their summer holidays to learn more about gameplay, animation, programming, and not least, game development [using Blender].

The Scandinavian Game Development Camp has long been booked to capacity, where approximately 50 high school students from Denmark share their common interest for computer games in a creative and educational way for an entire week. Many of the participants already have some experience in developing computer games on their own, but at Game Development Camp, a talented team of tutors provide a focused introduction to 2D graphics, 3D animation and various forms of computer game programming.

Inspired by the Blender Open Source Game Project, Yo Frankie!, all the teams have decided to release their games under the Creative Commons license. The teams decide on the specifics for the licenses individually.*

This means that the games created at the summer camp will be made available on the website, along with all the code, 3D models and textures! All the games will run on all operating systems (Mac, Linux and Windows).

One of the teachers is Pablo Vazquez from the Yo Frankie! game project. Vazquez is flying in from the Netherlands to instruct the camp participants on using Blender and its built-in game engine.

* We did not plan on the games to be released as open source, but Pablo Vazquez and the Yo Frankie! production have had a huge impact on the participants. Both his work with Blender-games and his willingness to help the participants share knowledge meant that they were all really enthusiastic about releasing their games as open source, Emil Kjaehr (Public Relations Manager) explains.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good idea, for students in High School, who want to make a Carree in Game Development.I wish I could attend but I live in the US, so yeah. Although I wish I could attend, I thank you guys are doing a great job educating our kids. BTW I use blender for my own games!

Anonymous said...

Yes, It is definitely a good idea for students in high school who want to make a career in game development. I have developed two or three games, so think it is very interesting.

Unknown said...

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