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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Access your Custom Blender Settings and Layouts on Any Computer

You've grown accustomed to the particular face you've given Blender and, it can be a bit disorienting to sit down behind "someone else's" Blender. Well, here are some simple solutions to accessing your Blender settings on any computer.

First of all, as you may already know, your current user settings can be saved by pressing Ctrl-U.

The interesting thing to know is that these saved settings are stored within a normal .blend file called ".B.blend". This file is located in the ".blender" subfolder of your Blender installation.

When Blender loads, or when you press Ctrl-X to start a new scene, this special .blend file is what gets loaded.

So, to be able to take all of your custom settings (including your theme, screens, default parameters, etc.) wherever you go, simply copy the ".B.blend" file to your portable data device.

You might also consider uploading the file to one of the free online file repositories, GMail, or your own webspace.

Imagine, knowing that no matter wherever you may go, you can still be comfortable using "your own" Blender on any computer.

Very cool.

Important Note:
Remember to make a backup copy of any existing ".B.blend" file before copying your own file to someone else's .blender subfolder.

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