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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Complete Course Materials for Blender

People often ask if there are complete course materials available for learning Blender, something suitable for a classroom setting. There are a couple of resources available, that I'm aware of, that offer something like this at no charge.

There's Tufts Open Courseware (of Tufts University) that offers a thorough list of Blender tutorials (PDF and video) created by the instructors. They also note that:

Like many creative activities, 3-dimensional design and modeling combines technical skill with artistic imagination. Understanding the intricacies of software-manipulated objects is of little value unless accompanied with a strong awareness of creative self-expression. It is important while progressing through this course to focus your efforts on the creative projects and understand that the Video and PDF tutorials are but a set of tools whose value is totally dependent on a creative and artistic goal.
Here is the listing of PDF Tutorials.
Here is the listing of Video Tutorials.
Please note that the videos are in the RealMedia format. Free media players that support this format are listed below:
Windows: Real Alternative
Linux: RealPlayer for Linux (Helix-based)
Mac: RealPlayer for Mac OS X

Someone recently informed me that the videos are also available for downloading. The video links above are great for streaming but, if you want to download* the video tutorials, you can find them legally hosted at the following link:
(These files are copyrighted by Mr. Neal Hirsig and are not to be reposted or redistributed without his permission.)

*Right-Click, Save-As

Also, take a look at the Blender Basics Classroom Tutorial Book created by James Chronister (Central Dauphin High School). He writes:
I developed this manual for use in my own classroom in an effort to streamline the Blender learning curve into some kind of sequential order. I have tried to keep most chapters down to less than 4 pages and each chapter can be covered in 1-2 class periods (our classes meet for approx. 45 minutes every day). This is my contribution to the Blender open-sourced cause. Please feel free to use this manual in your own labs. You may copy any or all parts you wish!
Check out the Blender Basics Classroom Tutorial Book. All materials are in the PDF format.

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michaelbuddy said...

Yes these sites have been posted before, and I would attribute it to coincidence if it happened to be at the same time that they were posted again. I've posted them myself on my website. Facts like that aren't copyrighted anyway. Besides, it's showing people a great resource. So keep on doing it. We don't have the luxury of millions of viewers like network TV has, so we have to keep spreading it grassroots style!

Kernon Dillon said...

I've delete three non-productive comments. Their relevance has expired and future visitors shouldn't have to suffer their discourse.

Anonymous said...


Sorry you had been chosen as the target of that person's lack of understanding.

I for one thank you for posting this. Its great to have the information gathered into one reference post and I think it is in the spirit of your Blog. Chin up Soldier! You are doing great and your influence in the community is a positive one!

Anonymous said...

Another good resource which includes the Tuffs Blender Course (kind of re-organized) + BlenderArt magazine + others is:

Might also be an interest to some.

Thanks for your site Kernon and keep up the great work!

Kernon Dillon said...

I agree.

Thank you and you're welcome.

Yeah, that works too. Although, for the article, I really wanted to focus solely on actual classroom materials.

Anonymous said...

-- "The original videos are currently streamed from his site, however I have been able to recreate them for download and use on your own computer." --

Sorry Kernon, the reason I posted that was because the site I referenced ( has the videos for download. Where as the Tuffs site they are streaming (atleast they used to be). So I thought it might be good for some as a reference if they wanted to download the whole set of Tuffs course material videos to view and learn from offline.

I found it to be useful, plus I have been suprised many a times by just saving a link and then to find out later down the road when needed the materials are no long online or the site no longer exisits (however I doubt that would ever be the case with the Tuffs course).

Anyway that was my intention of posting the link, in case people wished to download the videos to view offline.


Kernon Dillon said...

I agree, that's a good resource. I try to download things as well so, I know what you mean about things disappearing! There are several things that I would love to get that I figured I could just download whenever I needed them and now, their gone. :(

For example, the "uselessdreamer" scripts collection was really great but, the site is gone now. I remember someone mentioning that they were hosting the scripts but I can't remember the website. There were some really great scripts in that collection. Oh well.

I appreciate the link. I'll add it to the post and explain the difference. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know the internet is great but I too have learned that some things disappear, fortunatly I have learned to use big cheap hard drives to never miss anything again ! ;-) Most the stuff I will probably never use, but you never know ;-)

Anyway it seems like you can still get uselessdreamer's scripts here. Web.archive is great but does not always work, in this case it seems like its cached and is available however:

If it does not work, post back and I think I have all the scripts etc... so I could email them to you if needed ;-)

Kernon Dillon said...

hey thanks! That link helped. Although I couldn't ever get the scripts to download, it provided me with the exact names of the files so I was able to find a source that had compiled them into a RAR file. Got 'em!


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