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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Video: Old Country Pathway (Part 3 - Land and Sky)

This tutorial series is about creating a 3D scene depicting an old country pathway.

Please note that this tutorial series is currently unfinished.

In Part 3, we take a look at:

  • Creating Mesh Edges and Faces
  • Finishing the Basic Terrain
  • Sculpt Mode Basics
  • Adding Terrain Details Using the Sculpt Tool
  • Adding the Background Sky Image

Watch the tutorial online
(FLV streaming, Length - 52:32)
Or, Download the 95.3MB ZIP file to view it offline (load the HTML file in your browser).
Or, Download via Torrent.

Download the .blend file, here (4.56MB packed - After loading file, go to File-->Unpack Data. Specify where you want the textures to be placed.).

Get the Free Flash Player: Windows version or Linux version


Anonymous said...

The flv file plays fine in Mplayer and Xine on Linux, using FFMPEG. Thank you for providing this format!

Thomas said...

Hi Kernon

Love the tutorials, although they are till now a bit too low poly.
But my main question was:
What kind of plugin in do you use that print out the keystroke on the screen (when you are recording)?


Kernon Dillon said...


Actually, the keystrokes are added manually. I use Camtasia Studio and I treat the keystrokes sort of like render passes. I just watch the recorded video and add markers wherever I need to add an overlay and then, go back and add the keystroke graphic at each marker. The overlay feature is part of Camtasia Studio.

I've tried many different ways to do this but, I think this is the way I'll keep doing it from now on. This way I have total control over them. I try to catch everything at least a couple of times and as the video progresses, you see fewer overlays because I don't want to keep showing the same keystroke. I figure a couple of times and the viewer should be okay. That way, the more advanced viewers aren't irritated by the constant overlays.

Anonymous said...

you take into consideration everything and everyone =) - your tutorials are AWESOME, keep up the GREAT Work!!! and thanks for all your talents and the time you spend sharing those talents with others =)

Kernon Dillon said...


Unknown said...

I must say looking for info on the new Z-Brush type function that is now within Blender I must say thank you for setting the record strait saying that it is so open that one must play with this new function in order to understand how to really use it. In the future if for any reason that may come up withing one of your tutorials that you could use this function please feel free, I love the look of it along with you insight. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Really nice tutorial, gonna bookmark this site for regular viewings!

Anonymous said...

Great tut, Kernon! Will there ever be a part 4 or am I missing something?

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks for the kind words. They do make a difference.

I apologize for the delay with the Country Pathway series. There's just been so much going on but, it will definitely be finished. I'm sure there will be several more Parts needed to finish it. Hopefully, it will be worth it.

Iván Egües said...

Thanks, once again, for this tutorials.
Hope we can still see the 4th part.


Anonymous said...

Wow thank you for doing this for the blender community I cant wait for the 4th part.

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