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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Video: Old Country Pathway (Part 1 - Starting the Project)

This tutorial series is about creating a 3D scene depicting an old country pathway.

(Please note that this tutorial series is currently unfinished.)

But first, I thought it would be a good idea to provide some basic info on how to actually start a project. We'll take a look at how you might want to organize your files and how to leverage the power of your browser to help make things go a little bit smoother for you during the initial stages of a small project. There's no Blendering in this video but, it does cover some essential basics that can have an effect on how smoothly your small project proceeds. I hope you find it helpful.

Note: The image you see below is a draft scene that may or may not be what I ultimately end up creating. Further details are in the video.

Watch the tutorial online
(SWF streaming, Length - 21:12)
Or, Download the 30MB ZIP file to view it offline (load the HTML file in your browser).
Or, Download via Torrent.

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Anonymous said...

This looks like excelent toturial. I am looking for next parts. Really good work. Good luck for following ones.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

First off your tutorials are WONDERFUL, keep up the great work!!!

I was just wondering however, are you using Flash (mx2004 of F8) Pros built in Video Encoder? Becuase the video size 164mb seems a bit big, and seems like it could have been encoded more compressed ? ( I am sure your consious of these file size concerns in development however =)

I am not familar with the Camtasia software and its encoding, but was just curious about the file size is all. No grips at all concerning content, its GREAT =) I also think your continued desire to find the best solution for delivery is commendable, your doing a great job Kernon!

*** Again please dont take me wrong, your Tutorials are AWESOME and WONDERFUL and a GREAT Resource for the Blender Community, so please, please its just a question =) ***

Keep up the great work Kernon. wonderful stuff for the Blender Community!! I thank you from all of us Blender folks for your time and efforts.

Thanks Again!!

Kernon Dillon said...

Thanks for the compliments!

About the filesize, yes, I agree that it's way too big. I used the settings that I had with my older computer but, it seems that I should have tweaked them a bit more. I just did another project output and the was able to get the filesize down to about 36MB!!!! There is some colorbanding but, because most of the screen is white for most of this particular video, I'll let that slide for the sake of the file's size.

I'll be uploading the much smaller version after I get off from work.

Thanks for the constructive criticism!

Eric said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent tutorials. The Christmas tree series was wonderful. I am looking forward to this series as well, since I will need to model some landscapes in a project I am currently planning.

Anonymous said...

Me again, new file size is MUCH BETTER =) Thanks for looking into that =) and again keep up the GREAT work, your site is a WONDERFUL assest to the Blender Community!!!!

Thanks again for the reduced file size ( I will redownload the smaller one to save HD space ;-)

again.... GREAT STUFF Kernon !!!

Anonymous said...

looks good to me


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