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Friday, November 10, 2006

Test: Beginner's Knowledge Test (now with Japanese Translation)

Well, the test is finally done. It was a lot more work than I originally expected but, I've learned a lot. The next test should go a lot more smoother. Speaking of the next test, I'm going to wait a while before doing the Advanced test because I would like to maintain a little bit faster tempo with the blog updates. I'll probably work on it in the background of other projects.

Anyway, this test will hopefully be a fun challenge, even for more advanced users. My hopes are that it will serve to help you get an idea of some of the things you might want to review or learn.

I've tested the test so hopefully there aren't any glitches. I'm sure you'll let me know if you find any issues.


You can download a ZIP file and take it offline (less than 1MB).

Japanese Translation provided by Nightcalm (Nightcalm dot net).

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Kernon Dillon said...

Check the security settings of your browser to see if there are any restrictions in place. And, you must have Javascript enabled in your browser. Also, note that under the See Test Results button (at the bottom of the page) I mentioned that you may have to move the scrollbar to see the test results. This only seems to be an issue in Firefox.

I have been testing this for over a week now and have never had an ActiveX problem or had the browser crash (Firefox 1.5.05, IE 7).

Anonymous said...

Hi Kernon, Love your site and all the work you are doing to help us better learn Blender. The Test is cool but does not run on Linux or at least I don't know how to get it too. QTime does not support Linux


Anonymous said...

The online test wasn't working. I kept getting "NOT RESPONDING" when I hit the Finish button. Tried this twice on the test itself and three times on the "test" test. All my settings were per your recommendations. (IE7 by the way)
Downloaded the download version, worked fine, failed it miserably, but it worked (I pretty much just answered the questions to see if it would work). Now I will see if I can pass it. Just thought I'd let you know.

Kernon Dillon said...


I don't know what the problem is with the online version so, I've removed it. Some people have problems and some don't...

Anonymous said...

Downloaded the test, it is great!!
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Nice, i got a 90

Unknown said...

It's really good! I don't know if it works completely, as i didn't actually take the full test but the content is good. Keep up all your amazing work! Seriously, you and a few others have really inspired me to contribute to the blender project and community myself.


Anonymous said...

It was really good. i got 4 wrong answers. i saw the coding behind the test and i realized that Mr. Kernon is taking so much pain and working so hard for the newbies.
Thanks a million... and keep up the good job.


Anonymous said...

Very nice!! I got 9 bad answers... not bad for be an newbie :D

Anonymous said...

Ref:Win98/QTPlayer/plugin 6.5.2

Hello, i need help please !
I'm very frustrated because i can not see the .mov files.
Over the browsers (both :IE6 and Firefox when i push the play (>) plugin's button, the bar scroll, but don't show none image. When i attempt to open the individual .mov files in the player, it appears one of the following error messages :

"QuickTime is missing software required to display this movie fine. Unfortunately, it is not available en the QuickTime Server"
"You may experience problems.........because the required compressor could not be found.."

Are there any encriptation problem? What's the compressor used ?
Need i the Pro QT for see the video files?
I apologize people who can answer me

Kernon Dillon said...

The videos use the quicktime h.264 codec.

I just downloaded and went through the entire test with no problems so, it must be a codec issue on your system. You definitely don't need QT Pro.

Hmm..It could be an issue with Win98. I don't know how far back the h.264 mov codec compatibility goes. You might check the QT website for h.264 OS compatibility.

You might also try running the videos in an external player. Try IrfanView:

Hope that helps.

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