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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Video: Moving, Rotating, and Scaling without Keystrokes

Anything that can help make the 3D modeling process easier is a plus. Learn how to easily manipulate objects and vertices in Blender with this short video tutorial that covers Drag operations and Mouse Gestures.

  • Get the video tutorial here.

Download Format: ZIP file
Download Size: 32.1 MB
Video Format: xVid w/Audio
Video Filesize: 75.2 MB
Length: 12 min. 41 sec.
Resolution 640x480
SubTitles: No (will produce if enough requests are made)

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Iván Egües said...

Thanks a lot for the tutorials, and the tool bar.

I have a tip (i don't know if for this topic or the tips one)
When you press both mouse buttons at the same (lbm and rmb)time it works like extrude (for faces, edges and vertex)also alike ctrl an lmb.
Also if you press any the lmb or the rmb in the same position is the same as space bar (to add)

Ps. what happend to the chat part in the tool bar?

Thanks! IE.

Kernon Dillon said...

You're welcome!

Pressing both mouse buttons:
I didn't know that! Actually, it works consistently when you hold the LMB, then press the RMB. But, it seems that you have to re-press both buttons in that fashion for each extrusion. Interesting. Thanks!

LMB or RMB to show main menu:
Yes, that's true. You can control the amount of delay (before the menu displays) in the Preferences menu. Go to "View & Controls" and locate the "Toolbox click-hold delay" settings. You can set a custom delay for both buttons.

There's always something new to discover in Blender! :)

chat in toolbar:
I decided to remove the chat feature because it wasn't being used and it took up too much space on the toolbar. I think people prefer to use forums, irc, etc.

Iván Egües said...

Thanks on the tip on the delay. For me sometimes that was a pain, specially trying to get use to the "mouse commands"

The tool bar is great. I recommended it a 100%

About a place that could be included in the blender search is it is the forum in spanish. Has been a great source for me.
And for the extras/scipts maybe this
Its one of my favorites scripts.

Keep the good work! IE.

Iván Egües said...

Oops...the complete address is:

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