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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shape Modeling Exercise Series - #1

This is the first video in a series of videos on modeling shapes in Blender.

The point of these videos is not to model a complete object but to rather focus on different shapes and issues that you may encounter while modeling. So, essentially, these are exercises.

Hopefully, these videos will help you better understand how to approach modeling certain shapes, and what tools are available in Blender to make things easier.

(The techniques demonstrated aren't intended to be the exact solution for every scenario.)

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

News: 2.5 DVD Update

Hello there! It's been a while since my last post!

I've been busily working on the BlenderNewbies 2.5 DVD. I've gotten a lot of Reference videos recorded and have been able to draft out some cool project ideas. However, I've come to realize that 2.5 isn't quite ready for solid documentation. It's still Alpha software so, no surprise there!

More info on Blender 2.5 development...

I had hoped that my waiting so long before starting the dvd project would have me be more in line with the development cycle. But, Blender is constantly changing at this point and I can see that some of my Reference videos will have to be redone. It's no problem, though, because all of the videos that have been recorded are still in their unedited state to help minimize the amount of double work.

I must say that the developers are doing an incredible job and every day Blender grows stronger and more stable. It's just not strong and stable enough, yet. Most of the development is focused on supporting the Sintel Open Movie project so a lot of features and issues aren't a top priority at this point.

So, my initial dvd release date of May 7th cannot be met. I don't want to release a dvd based on Alpha software, and maybe not even Beta software. I want this dvd package to be as strong and reliable as possible. I apologize for any delays, but I'm sure you understand. The good news is that this allows me to refine things even more and produce a better learning resource!

I'll keep the 5% discount in effect until the dvd is released. Thanks again to all of the pre-orders as they have made my continuing efforts possible. If you're interested in the dvd, please consider ordering while the 5% discount is in effect.

Also, I'll be creating some short tutorials to help breathe some life into the site. I've had a bit of tunnel vision while focusing on the dvd to the point where I almost forgot I have a website! D'oh!

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